Volos (324 km) | 5.4.2008

It was time for Volos. We’ve been trying to arrange something there for years but there was always something going wrong. This time we made it. We got there the whole crew, and our brothers from Censored Sound as well and Alexis got a train from Salonica to meet us up. We went straight to the “tsipouradika” to eat something, watched some football (Thrash-ivoulos was playing) and then to the club. The club was an old laikorempetadiko or something at the first floor of an old building. Soon it started raining heavily and people started showing up.

[rockyou id=117834083&w=426&h=319]

The show was only starting at arpound 8 which for Greece is very early and we had to finish by 11. Spitback started first and then Censored Sound. The kids were a bit distant at first just standing still and watching. Not very responsive and it was the first time in this tour we knew we had to do something to get them into the mood. The truth is that this got us really wound up to play as hard, fast and party-like as possible. When Censored Sound was playing the people started moving and soon enough there was some interaction. By the time we got to play the kids were warming up. I dont think I ever expected what happened afterwards. The university had a party and a ska reggae band called Locomondo were playing, and also there had been 2 other shows in the same week so this in addition to the fact that the show was so early made us think this show would be a bit of a let down. Shit was i wrong!!! Usually when we’re playing live we end up in our little worlds and dont really see whats going on until later on that we see the video. This time however i was anxious to get people involved in the show and by my surprise it wasn’t 2-3 songs in the set that there were half-naked, sweaty bodies flying round, dancing and singing on stage, grabbing microphones and making us feel at home. Pure energy…

[rockyou id=117836761&w=450&h=338]

(Photos from our brothers Censored Sound this time!) 

I got exhausted and went to sleep the others went to the university party and did what they usually do. Volos was a memorable show. It is one of those shows that you dont expect anything special but the kids prove you wrong. We can’t wait to go back there again.  Thanks also to Apostolis for doing the show.

Can’t wait for our first Greek island show ever now in Crete! VJ

photos: Alex, Daskalos

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