Crete (334km) | 10.5.2008

Well… that’s something new… after touring for some time in northern Greece it was about time we headed down south… and this time it wasn’t all a dejavu trip… everything was different… instead of starting off from Kostis’ house and heading to Salonika, this time our long journey started from peiraius port…

After a usual day at work the VJ crew was all packed up and ready to go… we were separated in groups because of different job stuff. Eventually the first group arrived peacefully in the port of Rethimno and after an hour’s drive we finally arrived to the city of Heraclio. We met Petros at the festival, which took place outdoors at the Heraclio University, and he gave us a little tour around the place. Unfortunately due to the fact of our late arrival, we didn’t catch up the bands that played the first day but only the last songs from the Mary’s Flower Superhead set who played last. We hung out at the uni a bit, had some beer and then went to eat something.

We slept for 3 hours @ Petros’ house and headed early (and I mean early!!) in the morning to the port to pick up the rest of the crew along with Fwiw and Plus Dots and went to the hotel that everybody was supposed to spend the rest of the weekend. Poor hotel manager! Finally everybody was settled at the hotel and it was time to pick up the last part of the VJ crew from the airport and put everybody to bed for a couple of hours…

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When we got up we realised there was no gas in all of Crete due to a strike thing. Well these are the bad things of not watching any TV. We went to Crete with an empty gas tank and now everything’s closed or empty for the next 3-4 days… and we still have to drive back to Rethimno to get the boat. This is where the Wolf comes in. The Wolf is Anapiros who is also Dimitris. We call him Wolf because his does what Harvey Kaitel in the movie Pulp Fiction does. He fixes things and problems. So Kostis and Wolf stopped a taxi and talked him onto driving them to the smallest villages around Heraclio and the most disguised gas stations to search for gas. It was something like Mad Max but not that cool. Gas? Nowhere! They finally reached a certain gas station but the locals there told them again: “Sorry we’re empty”… By that time the taxi old driver was one of us. So he stepped up and went to have a talk with the locals at the gas station. In 5 minutes he was back and said “ok… let’s do it”. I dont know what he told them but in a few minutes Kostis, Wolf and the taxi turned into a hard to find gas station under the directions of the locals full of gas! Youpi… Next stop, sound check at the university… 

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The weather was turning kinda cloudy and cold during the sound check although on Friday night the sky was crystal clear…anyway we spent the rest of the evening praying that it wouldn’t rain… The first band, called the Lift, started playing with a funky rock style warming up everyone and then Plus Dots hit the stage… Cool setlist but only for 8 songs or so coz the raindrops had made their appearance so it was time for big decisions. I guess no one wanted to leave the place coz the beer was cheap and everybody wanted to have a good time so we took the situation in our hands and the bands together with some kids from the university took whatever was necessary to do a diy show inside the university hall. A drumset, 3 amplifiers, 2 speakers, 3 microphones and a mixer was all we needed to make an indoor show happen. And then hell came along. For what is worth took over and made a huge pit in the foyer of the uni that no one from the people that studied there would ever imagine that would see that way. To us it actually felt like home coz for the biggest part of the tour, foyers and small spaces are our standard “venues”. Well I guess we’re not meant to play in big stages or expensive PA’s but who cares? We managed to play our whole set list of 26 songs once more with everyone singing and dancing like hell but the best part was when we finished it. For the first time we switched instruments and played some of the Dark Poetry stuff the original way. One guitar and that’s it! That was fun…or perhaps we where too drunk and thought it was fun but I’m not very sure of what other people thought.

Waking up the next day without having anything to do was a good reason to go sightseeing…Noooooooot!!! Tourists go sightseeing, instead we headed to some tavern and got hammered with the true original and most pure alcoholic thing there is in Crete. R-A-K-I…!!! Firewater… let it burn! Afterwards Petros had the great idea of getting everyone to his house once more and go on partying at his balcony, and yes the balcony was big enough for 20 people to chill out for a couple more hours and the weather was perfect…ahhhhh just like summertime.

And to our disappointment it was time to leave and head to the port to catch our ship back to our beloved, noisy and dirty Athens. From the moment we got to the ship no memories recalled. We woke up some minutes before the ship reached the Piraeus port. And back to our weekly schedule…damn! But have no fear… Crete over and out… Next stop…Serres!

VJ Crew…

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