Kerkyra (510km) | 14.6.2008

Fucking Amazing…

Friday – Rented a van, drove to Parga, sat on the beach, drank, smoked, slept

[rockyou id=119017100&w=450&h=338]

Saturday – Woke up from light rain early morning, drove to Igoumenitsa, took boat to Corfu, spent all day at the beach, went to the bar, soundchecked, stayed calm with the sound engineer, watched 5-6 bands, played a very sweaty 1,5 hour set, drunk, smoked, ate slept at a house

[rockyou id=119018272&w=450&h=338]

At the beach and the boat

[rockyou id=119020182&w=450&h=338]

Sunday – Woke up, at a house with a pool. Mr. Nikitas “Anikitos” made frappe for 15 people… then gave us beer by the pool…then made us all mojitos by the pool… then started a fire and did a barbecue by the pool… gave us salads and more beer by the pool… then cut all shorts of fruits for 15 people… then he presented us a big ice cream cake and finally opened a huge champaign bottle by afternoon… to finish us off he presented 3 bottles of weird colored vodka to drink until sunset and sent us on our way to parga. We asked him to adopt us but he already has Psychorepaths. We left with tears in our eyes for Parga. Went out at night at Parga. Went back to the beach and slept.

[rockyou id=119021305&w=450&h=338]

This was obviously one of the hardest shows as yu can see from the photos…

[rockyou id=119022206&w=450&h=338]

Monday (Holiday) – Woke up early with sunrise and drove to Athens…

We dont really deserve this…

P.S Kerkira had waves… we should have taken our surfboards with us but this would have been taking it too far…

3 Responses to “Kerkyra (510km) | 14.6.2008”

  1. Spiros Psycorepaths Says:

    afta einai paides elpizw na to sthsoume k fetos to kolpo ;)))
    k na paixtei k ligo kalytera h fash…


  2. Your music is brilliant!

    Just the fact that you are surfing …

    keep on rocking!

  3. Kalimera. Akousa ta komatia.. Sinexizete na paizete?

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