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Alexandroupoli (850 km) | 8.3.2008

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Into the wild

Last week I saw the movie “Into the wild” that Sean Penn directed and Eddie Vedder wrote the music. My first impression was that this was the best movie I had ever seen. Well the truth is Donnie Darko is the best movie I have ever seen but “Into the wild” is surely in the top 10. Seeing the movie and having a trip to Alexandroupoli in the next days was the best combination. It made me realize why it feels so good to always be on the move… most of the time for the wrong reasons, but all that matters is that we were all really psyched for the trip.

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Once again we decided to spend the previous night in Thessaloniki to split the trip in two. Alexandroupoli is really far from Athens. This proved to be a fucked up idea. Monday was a holiday and everyone decided to leave for the last weekend of apokries and the festivals all around Greece. This means it took us 10 hours to get to Thessaloniki. No I am not exaggerating it actually took us 5 hours to do 15 km somewhere close to Thermopyles half way to Salonica. Anyway we finally made it there at 5 in the morning. The sun was just rising and there was fog everywhere. Check some great photos Maria and Orestis took before we rushed to sleep for a few hours…

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Alexandroupoli is 45 minutes from Kommotini so the main part of the road there is the same as the one described in the Kommotini post so I won’t bore you again with the details. Anestis is the guy that was organising the show. He is a cool friend we made in the last couple of weeks and he is really involved in the scene doing shows (he is also organising a few for Propain shows this may/june all over Greece). He owns a flower shop with his brother. As soon as we got there he took as to his appartement made us dinner and then took us to the club for soundcheck.

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Ok now… the club was once again really weird looking. It was in the middle of a park with trees all around almost hidden from the main road. It was called Domus and had a strange medieval look with a water thing around it. There were also some posters of “Rotting Christ” and “Antidrasi” playing in the next few days. As soon as we got there we had soundcheck and after a while all our Alexnadroupoli friends started showing up. Alexandroupoli is the hometown of Ysteria long time friends. Bad Movies were also at the place. They have a sound close to Social Distortion and they also did a cover of Tom Petty’s I won’t back down. Ok…I know it sounds boring to always say great band… great band… great band… for all the bands we play but the truth is this is one Damn Great band and i suggest you look them up.

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Then it was our time to play… There is not much I can say about the show. I can write all this useless stories for before and after the show, but when it comes to the show itself some things cannot be described with simple words. It was one big family fight. Group therapy we call it. We played for hours we sang all together, we danced all together, Harris played by himself SD’s “Reach for the sky”. When we play these shows I can see in the eyes of the people that they feel the same way we feel and they go through the same experience as we do. It’s like for a few hours we all become one soul with different expressions. Well Bill Hicks has described it better but I will try and go through this at another post.

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After the show we ended up at a bar and after that at a girl’s house with Anestis and Bad Movies and the crew and you can imagine how the night went on and on and on… Ilias “Frankie Wild” Skordos aka Greekass was the star of the night… Against all odds the next day as we drove back to Athens he drove with Neo from Alexandroupoli straight to Patra to the karnavali… Bloodbath

Alexandroupoli over and out, next stop Athens!

VJ and the crew…