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Athens (0 km) | 21.3.2008

Posted in Athens with tags , , , on July 14, 2008 by darkpoetry

The Knock Out fest is happenning for years now and is always a sold out show. 750 People showed up this time for the 2 days. Mahakala were also playing with us the first day and are such a great band! I guess there are a lot of foreign bands that would like to reach their heavy, sludge, rock’n’roll, southern sound. Alex who used to play with Scums 37 sings for them and when they play live the place starts to smell like sweat and whiskey. Hope we play someday together again soon.

[rockyou id=117662436&w=450&h=336]

Maria and the crew decided to put up decorations and make the place look different then it usually does. Well the point is that we try to get as many people involved with a show as possible and give them the opportunity to help out and be a part of something. Obviously some balloons won’t make the big difference but for the people that took part and did something for the show it makes a huge difference as it does for the people taking care of the posters, the sound, the videos, the records and t-shirts, the food and drinks. The result doesn’t really matter and we know people don’t come to the shows for the crossed inflatable doll or the black santa clause but we do our best to close the gap between people attending a show and people playing at a show. It’s really easy to do and makes a huge difference. It’s all about interaction and makes all these shows feel at home.

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Blah, blah, blah… We had loads of fun, drank and played with bands we had never played before, saw our favorite bands live, and had an amazing weekend. Although it was at our hometown it was also the most tiring show so far cause we had to take care of our guests from Salonica, Volos and Katerini and make sure people have a good time which always reminds us how much effort people put up to do our shows when we’re playing outside Athens.

Check the photos and see you at the next year’s Knock Out. Next show is the reunion of a whole bunch of friends in Kavala next week! A high rsk show, with possible casualties… Ordered a helmet for Neo

Piss, VJ

(Photos: Anna | Rotty)