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Katerini (427km) | 9.2.2008

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The “Green Goblins” from Katerini organized a 3 day festival in their hometown and invited us to play the second day. Green Goblins are not a new band. They are from the same place with Personality Crisis and the hometown of “Swallow it all records” which is one of the first punk’n’roll independent labels in Greece. I remember them from the times “the Thing” magazine was coming out in the mid 90’s. With Green Goblins we have met a couple of times at shows in Athens but never really played together or saw each other live.

Anyway… the crew gathered at Alex’s house. Alex is the kid that mixes most of our albums and helps us out with the sound in concerts etc. He also plays guitar for Censored Sound and is also my younger brother. He always takes care of us, that’s why we call him “dad”. I guess professional bands have sound engineers, but since professional and Vodka Juniors don’t go together in the same sentence we have “dad”. Since this is the first post of the diary we’ll keep on introducing people every once in a while.

On the road… Bridges around Thermopyles

So we met at his house. (VJ, Alex, Neo, Peio, Jack, and Maria lupita) We all agreed that we won’t drink or go out the night before the show cause we had a long trip ahead… After agreeing we drank a bottle of Mathusala (the best rum ever) and a couple of 30 beers and passed out on the floor. John “The Robot” woke us up at 9 in the morning, to go pick up the mini van. We stuffed the van and kostis’s car (this car goes everywhere) with the equipment. Then we picked up Anna (who’s been taking all the photos), Yponomos, and the Greekass crew and started our trip to Katerini.

The weather was shitty and it was raining like hell. Everytime we go north we pass from this small port-town called Stylida. It always looks like the worst place to be, very ugly, dirty and boring. This time it looked one of the most amazing places and we actually stopped (!) there for 20 minutes and Anna took some photos of the place. It was very intense scenery.


In the afternoon we finally arrived to Katerini… Lefteris (from the Green Goblins) picked us up and took us at the best tavern ever… Shrimp salad only for 2 euros! and great people. EPIC. Later on, we went to the bar where we were going to play. The bar was called “Kourdisto Portokali” (Clockwork Orange) and as you can imagine the owner must be a great fan of the movie cause the whole place was dressed up like clockwork orange. When we walked in lefteris introduced us to the bartenders and told us to feel free and get as many drinks as we want. The bartenders were laughing at first but only at first.

 At the tavern, Katerini

(At the tavern, Notice the really weird paintings with the screen tvs… weird) 

The concert started and our buddies “63high” were playing first. It’s always a blast seeing them live. They are very good. The “Goblins” followed up. It was the first time we saw them… Up to that point I thought the bar was a bit too cautious and that people were afraid to really dance and bump to each other. I was proved wrong. When Green Goblins started playing hell broke loose. The kids started dancing and went nuts with the band which was so cool to see. It was the kids of the town supporting their own band so much. Great family feeling. The Goblins reminded me of ZEKE and ZEKE is a great band. Our turn came up. We played a small fast set because the bar had noise problems and we had to keep our set to 45mins… The sound was cool and loud. There were many kids singing our songs and dancing like hell. That always feels really nice and leaves us surprised!

[rockyou id=105443607&w=450&h=336]

After we finished our set we gave away our latest cd hand in hand and headed to the bar to drink and drink and drink before we saw “No Sin”. No Sin is a great female fronted band from Thessaloniki. Great vocals and aggressive garage punk. We met with “No Sin” a couple of months ago when we were in Salonica. We had gone to see a great band called “Vides” at Mylos and when the show ended a guy and a girl asked as for a ride downtown. They also told us they played in a band and gave us a copy of their record. 2-3 months later we ended up playing toghether. Their guitarist was the guitarist of “Nautia” which was probably one of our favorite Greek bands.

Anyway they played really good and at a point the bartenders stopped serving us alcohol and this was the time when we decided to head back to Athens 01.30 at night. 


Drunk Poetry Katerini! Over and out…



(All Photos by Anna, Rotty)