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Kavala (680 km) | 29.3.2008

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Kavala Rock City! Kavala is a port in North Greece with a big University and a very active community. They do shows and lots of other stuff all year round. This time we were invited to play together with the north crew Grigoris and Alexis and their bands. The whole crew was gonna drive up, Neo and Frankie, Anapiros, Peio and Alex, Alexandra and Maria, and VJ. My job kept me in Athens until Saturday morning. Then I drove 700km to go there only to find out that we were playing last… and in Kavala that meant after 2 in the morning… no worries…

Sick with high fever, tired of driving for hours, sweating, trembling and nearly dillusional is not a good way to prepare for a show. But I’m not gonna complain or whine. It would be ungreatful. We’re lucky we are given the opportunity to play live, travel, see new places and meet new people. Some bands forget that and believe that somehow the world ows them something. Some bands also whine that they were born in Greece “where noone cares about them” (boohoo). Bullshit… And I won’t go into this now because this is a post about Kavala. Lets just say we’re honored people invite us from time to time at their towns and their houses to share parts of our lives with them.

[rockyou id=117831942&w=450&h=338]

Anyway, we were very excited to find out that Kostas was also there. He is a kid that we only see once or twice a year. Sometimes you’re around people you see everyday and spend hours together but never really feel that you grow up with them, you don’t have that special connection and you know they’ll turn their back on you in a second. There is also some other people you see once a year and never talk on the phone anymore but still your friendship is so strong you feel like seeing a missing brother every time you meet up. Kostas is one of those genuine people that friendship is not a fake everyday relationship but a strong feeling that can’t fade away. We were so happy to see him. 

The Kavala TEI is like a big Ghetto. The kids have even turned the toilets into rehearsal rooms. A big room gets transfmormed into a bar with a sound booth and a small stage. (This is the ‘steki’) Great work… and great paintings on the walls next to the big glass windows… with a view to the sea and the city lights.

[rockyou id=117831519&w=450&h=338]

So we stepped into the battlefield no matter what forgot about everything for 2 hours, hoping not to pass out from the fever and when we finished…. well…. we wanted more. Fudukis took 10 minutes and had about 200 people laughing at him because he was so drunk he couldn’t plug the bass into the amp’s hole like when you can’t get the key into the lock when you come back after a hard night out. Orestis had to slap him hard in the face, and i had to through him a bottle to wake him up from whatever trip we was on and Alex had to come down himself and plug it in. He stood next to the drum chair and Orestis had to guide him through the whole 2 hour set while playing. It sounds funny now but it wasnt.

It was 4 in the morning by the time we finished and i had to get back to Athens so rushed to sleep at Maria’s house for a couple of hours. Everyone else dont really remember anything so I guess they did what they always do and had fun… Neo didn’t break his nose and noone died. So next week it’s Volos but before that it’s another 5 days at work… This starts to remind me of something… I will explain at a later time…

Kavala Rock City, VJ