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Komotini (780km) | 1.3.2008

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Komotini was our second show of the “drunk poetry” tour but it was the first time we realised that these trips we had scheduled around Greece were going to be a lifetime experience.

The Komotini show was organised by Alex and Apostolis (keep it real fanzine/disharmonic) at the “Esties” of the universities. This time we were playing with our friends Censored Sound and band “Anapodia” from Alexandroupoli. Negro drew a really cool poster for the show by the way so really thanx for that! Some of us decided to leave from Friday afternoon and spend the night at Kerasia in the outskirts of Thessaloniki where our long time friend Alexis (63 high) has a studio with his band and Censored Sound together with Fudukis left on Saturday morning to meet up with us directly in Komotini.

It was a hectic week at work and we left late friday afternoon to arrive at the bar Alexis was working at 2-3 in the morning, at the right time to get really wasted. The trip was really boring cause it was dark and we were all dead tired so nothing special to say about this. 

 [rockyou id=107266833&w=450&h=338]

 (Saturday morning in Kerasia)

We slept at Kerasia all together and woke up in the morning and started our next half of the trip. This second half was so cool. I guess it depends on if you like travelling by car. We do… a lot! The way from Thessaloniki to Komotini was characterized by clouds, foggy harbors, and a static glass-like sea that was becoming one with the fog in the distance. It could be the craziest “image-track” for a Leatherface record but unfortunately we didnt have one with us. However we had an ambient, dubby drum n bass record that combined with the scenery left us all silently tripping in no time. 

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(On the road to Komotini from Thessaloniki)

Komotini was all dressed up for “Apokries”. On the road there some people called to inform us there were riots in Komotini all over the news the previous night. Let’s say we arrived there only to find some students peacefully protesting. The previous night there was only a 4 second incident that the cops through some tear gas to the protesting students. This 4 second incident was translated into “Riots in Komotini” as the local kids there told us. The god damn news did it again and fed lies to the public. Nothing new. Anyway, we went to eat at a tavern and we all ordered different types of salads except Peio who is a vegetarian and was actually the only person to order something with meat, haha.

When we got to the universities we couldn’t believe how amazing the place was. I even called a friend of mine to tell him that we are really stupid we studied abroad. Now I understand why people study so many years. Why would anyone want to leave that place? It was in the middle of nowhere and the campus was huge with fields and actual roads inside the campus, very peaceful, and noone to tell you what to do! Greek Universities have asylum so this huge place was also a place with no cops, no anything, just students. The place was so big and quiet that you got an amazing relaxing feeling as you got there. I wonder how we actually manage to live in Athens in the pace that we do. According to some students there however this relaxing calmness leads to nerve breaking boredom if prolonged! Haha, I can understand this but still!

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Anyway back to the concert, we got there unloaded our stuff and headed for S5 of the “esties”. The show was at the entrance hall of one of the buildings which means that 5 metres from the drumset there were doors to students’ rooms where people were actually trying to sleep. Usually diy shows in Greece go on all night but given the situation we decided to start early and be as respectful as possible to the people who actually wanted to sleep. When we got there we realised that Alex who had to help us with the sound was going to have a loooott of work. Two guitar heads with bass Cabins which means we would sound like a band with no guitars and three basses! Still after a lot of technical stuff i dont understand and guitar pedals flying all over the place we started sounding descent. And when I say descent i mean better than AN club which is not that difficult to achieve!

The kids running the concert were very kind and helpful and as the others were trying to fix the sound we joined our forces to set up the place and the “bar”. In fear of getting really wasted really early we decided to play first. The show was one big HELL… There were friends from all over the place, Alexandroupoli, Xanthi and Kavala. And the show was amazing, dancing, singing un-#@$@#-believable and of course Neo broke his nose once again which is not a surprise anymore. At some points there was so much beer flying around and cans in the air that i thought i was in a “blues brother’s movie”. I also got worried that the equipment would get damaged and that would be really lame cause there were two more bands to play. However everything worked out fine and everything and everyone survived besides Neo.

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Aftrer we played, it was time for Anapodia. They are from Alexandroupoli and they play straight “anarcho” punk and they also played “Kato o stratos” which is something always nice to hear. After them although not at the bill, Ixoripansi from Xanthi were forced to play a couple of songs since they were at the place and teared the place down but only for 3 songs unfortunately. Last but not least Censored Sound played their best show ever. Censored Sound are an old school hardcore/thrashcore band that if they played in the states they would probably be really well known. What I realised is that CS with their new guitar section Alex and Peio (925) have finally clicked into a very powerful band. I also think that the university proved to be more like “home” for their raw in your face sound. When they played they got what they really deserved and people trashed the place.

The show finished… everyone was alive and we decided to spend the night in Komotini. The girlfriend of Alex who was coorganising the show had prepared beds for all of us with blankets and everything at her appartement in the center. I dont know if she had realised we were all sleeping there but she seemed vary calm, prepared and ok about it. Some of us went first to the local metal bar Valhalla and got really fucked up, and when i say really fucked up I mean i woke up at 8 in the morning only to see fudukis knocking at a wall and then pissing inside the girl’s living room. I had to actually punch him to realise what he was doing and still he didnt actually recover! It sounds funny but it wasn’t at the time. We got up i started washing the floor cleaned the place while the hosts were sleeping packed up, left a thank you note and left with the shame on our hands…

There are three things you need to know about Fudukis at this period: when you hear him say “den vlepo”, “tha se gabbbiso” and “iiiiiiiiiiiiii” things are getting ugly.

Fudukis in the “de vlepo” state 

(Fudukis in the “de vlepo” state) 

We don’t remember much of what happenned at the Valhalla but this is only proof that we were all having a great time… and since there were no losses i guess we don’t really care what happenned. Well next week it’s Alexandroupoli.

Komotini over and out!


Photos by: Anna Rotty and Ilias