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Serres (610km) | 17.5.2008

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Saturday night we were playing in Serres and it was also the day of the cup final Olympiakos F.C vs Aris F.C in Salonica. We decided to wake up as early as possible because there would be thousands of fans travelling to see the match. Damn they did the same! On the road to Salonica there were a few km of buses and cars with red flags and thousands of people going to see the match. There were cops everywhere and this is never good…

In Serres we were playing at the local University. The road from Athens to Salonica is the same as always but the road from Salonica to Serres was amazing. This time inside the car it was only the four of us VJ. So we talked a lot about the band, and about future plans and recordings and boy are there lots of plans! We really haven’t done that a lot since the last record came out and we are trying really hard not to go to the studio and start recording again new stuff. There was also Censored Sound coming up with their car.

Peio used to study in the Serres (TEI) University but quit soon enough before he became an accountant. Peio sucks because the place would be the dream place for any student maybe even better then the Kommotini one. A huge campus with trees, roads and bicycles… some buildings here and there. Besides that Peio rocks cause he is one of our best friends and a great artist that spends all his time making our lame band look cool. Anyway we got welcomed by the locals and Ihorpipansi, went to eat and then straight to Abdullah’s house to sleep for a couple of hours.

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The show was happening outside and there was even a stage and really good p.a. I have hay fever and playing near the trees in spring time is not a good idea. I got the most fucked up i have ever got and looked like a junkie for the whole day, not being able to breath and at the point of collapsing. Gregory and Alexis drove from Salonica and we met at the show. I had my Jameson 18 held up for a special occasion since Christmas and brought it with me… For me this is one of the best whiskeys around. I dont drink anymore so I gave most of it to Alexis.

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The show was sooooooooo good. Played for 2 hours… Everyone dancing, singing, drinking with the locals, got really fucked up, had an after party dancing all night, ended up at the “sintrivani” and slept 15 people at Abdullah’s 10 sq.m room breaking the record. Every time we get fucked up we do stuff to each other when they pass out like shaving, painting etc. I dont have to explain that the king in this is Fudukis. He’s been painted all red, has had graffitis on him, he’s been shaved (in the lowest parts as well), pissed and a lot more. This time we had a groundbreaking new punishement for him that required a brave volunteer. So Alexis stepped up under the 18yo Jameson influence and painted Fudukis a**hole red. Sorry no photos from that.

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Woke up, drove to Athens, went to work and everything’s shit again… Till next weekend… that we‘re welcomng Snuff and a few of the members of their new band for a Snuff revival show..

Thanks to all the people at Serres for an unbelievable time. The rest got so fucked up that didn’t manage to take any good photos or anything…