Halkida (78km) | 31.5.2008

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Orestis was barely walking this time… A bit worse and an ambulance would have to get him to the soundcheck. He went and played the whole show though without any major losses, so hats off to him. I had my birthday the previous night and this means that also Panayotis aka “the robot” had his birthday as well and he is not called the robot by chance. He is always the last man standing, he runs 15km every morrning and drinks 15lt every night… so i dont have to describe what happened that night… Moreover we had to go and fix the P.A and soundcheck at 9 o clock in the morning in Halkida. That was brutal…

Anyway we were invited to play at the sk8 park of Halkida at the Wild in the Parks contest. We dont really like contests (the way they’re being carried out now) and I could argue about this for hours but life’s too short. Let’s just say we had faith on our friend Katerina who was organising it that it would be more of a party than a competition.

[rockyou id=118936983&w=450&h=338]

The halkida skatepark is a great place to do a show… if you have electricity. When we got there the guy from the municipality had left a key to a box on the street and everyone pointed at me for sorting this out. Well I have studied engineering but opening a never-opened-before box with millions of cables flying around and guessing out seemed like the beginning of Leathal Weapon 3.Fortunately one of the skaters father was an electrician and we called him to help us out so none of us exploded… no human fireworks… A few hours later we had finished soundcheck and kids had already arrived with rented busses from all over Greece.

The contest went on and we had a bbq and free drinks… We played really well and had an amazing sound. The people seemed a bit distant but as soon as we finished they rushed for our records so I guess they liked it or they just wanted the free stuff. The show started really early at 18:00 and the sun was still fucking with our heads. Most people were still not ready for a hardcore show at that time of day but everyone gathered around as soon as we started and this gave us strength to play the whole set despite the heat and the tiredness…

[rockyou id=118939086&w=450&h=338]

I know there are kids out there that skate for the same reasons that we play music and I miss the days that punk rock and skateboarding was the same inseparable thing. Maybe we should start organising our own diy skate sessions before it’s too late…!

The next show is our last show of the Drunk Poetry Tour… Can’t wait to go to Corfu for this one and meet our friends over there… and trash the place up…


Color photos: Alex, BW photos Dark*Days